How to Add Inline Related Posts in WordPress Blog Posts


Blogging is a gaining popularity day by day. Thanks to the internet and the convenience of having everything just a click away. Most of the times there are many articles who are related to each other some way or another. To link them together and to let the user know we use the inline related post option. In simpler words, it means posting a link of related post in the middle of the articles to increase page views.

In this tutorial we will guide you on how to inline related posts in WordPress blog posts.

The use of Inline Related Posts in WordPress Blog Posts


Normally, while writing you simply link your related posts together by posting a hyperlink to related posts. But now bloggers are widely relying on using the related posts plugins that shows related content at the end of the post. This allows the reader to get the most out of your website by visiting related links as well.

Now this seems like a nice plan. But what if the user never get to the end of the article? This is where the Inline Related Posts links come to the rescue. You can adjust the links between the paragraphs where you deem necessary without distracting the reader. There are many big sites using this trick to get more page views. Moreover, it also helps with your SEO process as it is basically interlinking.

Let’s get on with the tutorial now.

How to Add Inline Related Posts in WordPress Blog Posts

Step 1: Install and activate the Inline Related Posts plugin from here. Once activated visit Settings » Inline Related Posts page to configure the plugin settings.

Step 2: To view plugin settings check the Active box.


Step 3: Use the settings below to change the appearance of how related post will appear on your page. There are also many themes that you can pick from.

Step 4: Under the appearance option there an option to add inline related posts into existing posts. Click on it and add as many links as you want to appear. You can also select how many words to show for the links.


Step 5: Now click save to save all the changes.

Now in some cases, you may not want an individual post to display inline related posts. In that case, it’s very easy to disable these inline related posts for specific posts.

Simply click to edit the post and scroll down a bit. You will notice the related post metabox with the option to disable it in the right hand column.