How to Bring back Nougat’s Night Mode


Just like many other features from Android Nougat’s development build, Night Mode also didn’t made it into the final cut which has caused a few users to express their disappointment. Worry no more as developer Michael Evans and his colleagues have built a simple app to re-enable the feature.

For those who don’t know, Night Mode is blue light filter toggle that is designed to make your smartphone display a little friendlier on your eyes while using your phone at night. It turns out that the code is still left behind in the final Nougat build, and can be easily re-enabled through a few ADB commands. Of course, not many people want to mess around with that stuff, so the team built a quick app that does the same thing, called Night Mode Enabler.

Google has issued a statement saying that they have removed Night Mode from the final build because of performances concerns. It is possible though that Google might be working to bring back blue light filter at some point in the future once the bugs are ironed out. But on the contrary it is possible that the feature may be removed permanently.