How to Create a Blog Post Checklist in WordPress


Being a blogger you are bound to make some editorial mistakes while Blogging. To avoid these mistakes the best way is to make blogging checklist. Successful bloggers use these checklists to avoid mistakes and see if their post is ready to be published. In this tutorial we will show you how to create the blogging checklist to speed up your editorial process and make blogging easy.

blog post checklist

The need of blogging checklist

As a regular blogger you develop your own style of going through each and every article before you publish it. If you are working all alone then it is your responsibility to see if the article is up to the mark or not. Even if you are working on a multi-author site there are chances that someone will forget to add or remove something that will end up going online.

You will need to go through grammatical errors, spellings, featured images, schedule posts, and utilize SEO features and so on. As your site grows there are going to be more and more articles to go through and little time to do all that.

This is where a Blogging Checklist will come to your aid. It will not only help you make sure that the articles are up to the mark but also allows you to work more efficiently and effectively. Most importantly, it will save a lot of time!

Adding a Pre-Publish Blog Post Checklist in WordPress

Step 1: Install and activate Pre-publish Post Checklist plugin.

Step 2: Visit Settings » Pre-Publish Post Checklist page to configure the plugin once it is activated.

Step 3: Click on Add Checklist Item to add a task to your checklist. Click Save Item and then repeat for all the tasks you need in your checklist.

Step 4: Below the checklist items there is an option for default action when the checklist is not completed. You can pick not to publish the post.

Step 5: Your checklist is all ready to be used. You can use it to write a new post or edit an existing one. You will notice your checklist on the right side, right below Tags.

Step 6: Try publishing a post using the checklist. In case you forgot to check all the boxes the plugin will then show you a warning.

You are all ready to use your Checklist and make blogging easy and fun!! What you add in your checklist depends entirely on you and the kind of work you do. For every kind of articles there are plenty of different things that needs to be checked. However, there are a few common items on every list.