How to Create a Folder Without Name On iPhone and iPad


On iPhone or iPad there is this problem usually complained by the users that upon creating every new folder, automatically a name is given to the folder without even asking. This is annoying sometimes but that’s how iPhone and iPad are designed.

Anyhow, to overcome this problem there is this simple hack that users can do and dodge iPhone and iPad. Here are some ways to get around this problem.


How to Create a Folder Without Name On iPhone and iPad

Step 1: To do this, you need an app from the “Food & Drink” category in the App Store. If you already have an app on your phone from this category, you’re set and you can skip this part. We’re going to use the “OpenTable” app as an example.


Step 2: Now, create a folder using the “OpenTable” app. To do this, tap and hold on the “OpenTable” icon until a round “x” button displays on the upper-left corner of the app icon. Keep holding your finger down lightly on the app icon and drag the “Food & Drink” app icon over another app icon. In my example, I’m dragging the “OpenTable” icon over the “Game Center” icon.


Step 3: Make sure to drag the app icon from the “Food & Drink” category over the other app icon, and not the other way around. If you do it the other way around, the name of the folder will default to the category of the other app.


Step 4: A folder will be created with no name. Tap on the Home screen anywhere outside of the new folder to close it. Now you can drag more app icons into the folder. You can remove your Food & Drink app from the folder if you want, or uninstall it completely. However, if you’re going to create more folders with no names, it might be useful to keep the “Food & Drink” app installed.


You can only use this trick on the devices with iOS 6 and up.