How to Disable Touch, Lock Screen, and Charging Sounds on Samsung Galaxy Phones


If you’ve just bought a new Samsung Galaxy S7, S6 or a Note 5 first thing you do is start setting it up according to your need. You’ll notice that it makes a noise every time you touch it and most people find it the most annoying thing ever. The good thing is it’s very easy to disable it and not only that you can also disable lock screen and charging sounds.

First thing to do is pull the notification shade down and tap on the cog sign to go to settings.

Now go into Sounds and vibrations.

Now scroll down to the “System” section. Here there are different options of different settings, set them the way you want.

Each setting has a brief description about what it does, the only questionable one is probably “Vibration feedback,” which doesn’t necessarily disable all haptic, but rather just the vibration for the back and recent buttons, as well as feedback when long-pressing elements.