How to Force Restart Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


You can Force Restart Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with the help of the tutorial below. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is an amazing smart device with variety of features and diverse functionalities. However, with excessive and constant use it might get stuck and hung up in middle of an important task. Most of the Galaxy S7 Edge users don’t know about its secret feature that seamlessly initiate a restart process when it gets stuck. Usually, when the device is stuck or not performing well it automatically shuts down itself and gets restarted but many users don’t know how to force restart their device when their Galaxy S7 Edge is hanged.

This tutorial is about guiding the users through manual rebooting of their devices in a precise and accurate manner. Make sure that your devices has enough battery charging that it can be turned on and off during the process without missing out the battery life. This force restart method is simple and secure however, if you want to be a cautious and active user then its best that you never ever rely on smart devices memory. This post will guide you on How to Force Restart your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.


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How to Force Restart Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Step 1: If your device’s touchscreen is unresponsive, wait for about a minute in order to see whether your phone will be automatically rebooted or not.

Step 2: In case the force restart process isn’t initiated, you must do it by yourself.

Step 3: So, press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons, at the same time and for more than 10 seconds.

Step 4: That’s it; release the buttons when the force restart process is launched.

Step 5: In the end you should be back on Android OS and you should be able to use your device normally.