So, you must be wondering why should you Root your Android Device or what are the benefits of Rooting your Android Device. Rooting your device allows you to experience different features on your Device that aren’t really possible on a Stock Android Device. If you’re a newbie and don’t know the first thing about Android Rooting, then don’t worry, I’ve got you covered here. We’ve all been there!

Rooting allows you to Flash different Custom ROMs, make Nandroid Backups, flash different kernels and frameworks. You would probably wondering what the heck are these things. Don’t worry, we’ll get there. First things first, let’s see what Rooting actually means!

What does Rooting Android Device means?

Rooting actually means that you’re giving yourself a full control over your device, in other words root access or administrator access, just like in Windows. You can edit system files that are not accessible to normal users. It actually means that you or other apps which work on rooted devices can have access to and change different things like Overclock/Underclock CPU, Monitor System Performance, Change Notification Light, and so much more. We’ll discuss that later on in this article. Basically, it’s like you are removing the restrictions imposed on your device or firmware. It’s like I said previously, same as changing your role from user to administrator in Windows or Jailbreaking an iOS Device.

Rooting can actually void your device’s warranty but it’s not really that big of a deal, thankfully, you can unroot your device and flash a stock firmware. With that, no one will ever know that you once rooted your device. But it’s a tricky process, if you do something wrong, you can actually brick your device, which means that your device will be just like a brick. It won’t turn on!

Well that’s actually it. It cannot be more simpler than that. Let’s take a look on some other things and benefits of rooting.

Benefits of Rooting an Android Device:

There are lots of benefits of Rooting. You can make complete backups of your device, Flash a Custom ROM, customize your device completely, access system files and much more. I have written about all of these things below in detail..

Completely Backup your Device


One of the most important benefits of rooting a device is that you can make a COMPLETE Backup of your device, by Complete I mean each and everything that you have stored in your device. You might want to backup your data before Flashing and experience different Custom ROMs out there or you might want to tweak your system etc. Flashing a Custom ROM wipes all your data so it’s better to make a complete backup of your device in case you don’t like that Custom ROM and want to switch back to the old one or if something goes wrong, so yeah it’s always recommended that you make a complete backup or make a nandroid backup of your device, which is called system data backup. Other than that, you might accidentally delete some important system files while tweaking your system or whatever and mess up your device. Then the nandroid backup comes in handy!

You can easily make a Complete backup with the help of some apps which need Root access, or you can also use a Custom Recovery like ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery or TWRP Recover to make a Complete backup or nandroid backup. Other than this, there are some useful apps available in Google Play Store which can do all this for you. The most popular is Titanium Backup. It also has a Pro version which costs around $6.58, but it’s all worth the money. You can easily make complete backups of all your data. But make sure you place the backup in an external storage, because Factory resetting the device wipes all the system and internal storage data.

That’s it for the Backing up your Device. Let’s continue to the next point..

Flash/Install Custom ROMs


Custom ROM is actually a customized version of a stock Android Firmware. But with a LOT more features and tweaks than the Official or Stock Firmware. There are several best Custom ROMs out there like CyanogenMod, AOKP, Paranoid Android, Android Revoolution and much more. Each and every one of them have their own features, tweaks and User Interface. You can easily flash and try different Custom ROMs out there and stick to the one that suits your device. Basically, these Custom ROMs can improve the performance, battery life, user experience of your device and so much more. But, as we’ve discussed previously, always make a complete backup of your device before doing anything to your device.

Let’s move on to next point!

Automate Different Tasks


This is one of the awesome benefits of rooting your Android Device, you can literally automate different tasks on your device, like turning off WiFi when you leave your home, playing music when you plug-in the headset and much more. There are different apps that can do it all, the best of them is Tasker for Android. These are just tinsy winsy bit of things it can do that I wrote, you can check out the details in it’s XDA Developer Thread. It can also be used in a non rooted device, but with much limited options. Works best in Rooted Devices!

Customize your Device with Xposed Framework


Xposed Framework is a Framework which allows you to customize your device’s system and user interface. It is kind of like flashing a Custom ROM, but without having to flash it. Installing Xposed Framework is best for you if you don’t want to Flash a complete Custom ROM but only want a couple of features and tweaks. It’s really easy to Install Xposed Framework in your Android Device.

Increase Battery Life and Performance


After Rooting your phone or tablet, you can easily tweak system settings like Overclocking your CPU which increases the performance of your device and Under-clocking it, which increases the battery life. You can do all that with an app called SetCPU that is worth $1.99. You can make different CPU Profiles and assign it to switch between them automatically according to the condition of your device, like on low battery, it can under-clock your device’s CPU giving it more remaining battery life.

Block Ads


Last but not the least, you can easily block all the annoying and unwanted ads which come with several apps. You can easily block those ads with the help of Ad Blocking Apps like AdAway. But remember that App Developers earn from these Ads, that’s why there are free apps available on Google Play Store. So, it’s really not a good idea to block away all the ads. If it really annoys you, then you can do so.



Okay now, that was all. Now you probably know what Rooting is and what are the Benefits of Rooting your Android Device. It’s not that risky or difficult to Root an Android Device. Of course, the stock Android Firmware is already great, but who doesn’t want endless customization and tweaks, so yeah, you can get it all after Rooting your device.

These things that I wrote in this article are just a few things that you can do after rooting, there are lots of other Customization and benefits of rooting. But I did what I could in one article. Hope it’s all clear to you now. You can go ahead and Root your Device right now and then customize it as you like. If you have any questions, just drop your comments below and I will surely respond. 🙂