How to reset the HTC 10


If you are an HTC user and facing issues like your phone is running slower than usual or it has stopped altogether. Rebooting or resetting your device can help out with a lot of performance related issues, and this guide will walk you through all the steps you need to know. First, we should figure out what type of reset you need to perform.

If your device is running slowly, is unresponsive or if an app isn’t working properly then you probably want to reboot your device or perform a soft reset. This is equivalent to unplugging and plugging back the device.

How to restart the HTC 10 (soft reset)

  1. Turn your display on by pressing the powerbutton
  2. Once your display is on, press and hold the powerbutton
  3. After a few seconds, you’ll see an option to power off, toggle airplane mode, or restart
  4. Tap restart
  5. Your HTC 10 will now restart


If your HTC 10 isn’t responding to you pressing the power button then try the following method.

  1. Press and hold the powerand volume down buttons at the same time for at least 12 seconds
  2. Your HTC 10 will now restart

If your device is having bigger problems that you can’t seem to fix by this then you might need to perform hard reset or factory reset as we call it which will erase everything from your phone and put it in factory mode so make sure everything is backed up.

How to factory reset the HTC 10 (hard reset)

  1. From your device’s home screen, open the app drawer
  2. Open the Settingsapp
  3. Select Backup & reset
  4. Tap Factory data reset
    1. If you’d also like to delete any multimedia files that are stored on your microSD card, select Erase SD card
  5. Tap Reset phone
  6. Enter your PIN or Password
  7. Tap OK

HTC-10-reset-screenshot-1-300x533 HTC-10-reset-screenshot-2-300x533 HTC-10-reset-screenshot-3-300x533 HTC-10-reset-screenshot-4-300x533