How to Turn on macOS’ Do Not Disturb in One Click with This Shortcut


Everyone wants to increase their computing efficiency and it’s always nice when you can cut down on any unnecessary clicks during the course of your day. With one trick you can reduce activating Do Not Disturb by two clicks.

To activate Do Not Disturb on macOS you have to click the upper-right corner to open the notification center, scroll up to show the Do Not Disturb button, turn on Do Not Disturb and then close the notification center-three click and a scroll.


While this isn’t necessarily an arduous process, there is a much easier way. Press and hold the Option key, then click the notification area. Do Not Disturb will instantly be turned on or off.

You don’t need to open the notification center to verify, either–you can tell whether it’s on or off by its color. If Do Not Disturb is on the icon will be greyed out. If it is off, then it will be black.