How to Increase the Size of Text and Icons on an iPhone


Obviously you can make text larger and more readable on your iPhone or iPad but you can also increase the app size, text tables and user interface elements on your iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S or 6S Plus so it’s easier to use.

By default the display mode of the iPhone is “Standard” but it can be changed to “Zoomed” which essentially makes your iPhone show the same size user interface as the next smallest iPhone model. An iPhone 6S Plus in Zoomed mode will look like an iPhone 6S in Standard mode. Instead of seeing more content on the screen, the content will be larger, which is very useful if you have trouble seeing the items on your iPhone’s screen. The image above shows the Standard mode of an iPhone 6S Plus on the left, and the Zoomed mode of the same iPhone on the right.

To put your iPhone in zoomed mode click on Settings icon on the home screen.

Tap on Display and Brightness.

Tab View on the Display and Brightness screen.

On the Display screen tap Zoomed.

The icons on the sample screen are enlarged to show what the zoomed display resolution will look like. To set this resolution, tap “Set”.

A confirmation popup displays with the message that changing the display zoom will restart your iPhone. Tap “Use Zoomed” at the bottom of the screen to use the zoomed display.

Don’t be alarmed at this point. The screen will go black for a bit and then return to the Display Zoom screen. The message claimed that your phone will restart, but you don’t have to sign in to your phone again.

When you return to your Home screen, the icons and text labels will be larger, as will other text and elements on your phone.

* If you have an iPhone 6 Plus or 6S Plus, the Home screen will not change to landscape mode while you’re in zoomed mode. You must go back to the standard display zoom to allow your phone’s Home screen to automatically change to landscape mode when you rotate it.