How to Quickly Delete Digits in iOS’ Calculator with a Swipe


iOS has a basic build in calculator which can come in very handy at times for simple and quick calculations. It’s also useful for longer, more complicated calculations. However, there is one button missing.

We are all familiar with a backspace button on a keyboard wherever we are using it which allows you to delete a last character if you have entered it by mistake. However there is no backspace button on the calculator. If you have made a mistake in typing you need to erase everything in order to get it right. But worry no more as there is a simple trick to tackle this problem.

Tap on Calculator on the Home Screen.

Enter a multi-digit number into the calculator. To delete the last digit entered, swipe either left or right on the number display area.

The last digit entered is deleted. Each time you swipe, one digit is deleted.

This trick works in the scientific calculator mode, as well, which can be accessed by turning your phone into landscape mode.

To delete the whole current entry, tap the “C” (clear) button. Once you do that, it turns into the “AC” button, which allows you to clear all the calculations you’ve done.