Download Android USB Drivers for Windows and Mac

At times, when you connect your Android Device to your computer, it doesn’t show up or computer doesn’t detect it. The reason for this is that you may have not installed Android USB Drivers for your device in your computer or mac. You can install your respective device’s USB Drivers from the links given below and you’ll be able to use the device for development purposes like transferring media content or files to your device, Rooting your device, Unlocking bootloader etc.

It is recommended that you download and install your device’s USB Drivers in your Computer or Mac before proceeding with any development task you want to perform on your device. Although, USB Drivers can be downloaded from the official websites of the Manufacturers of devices, we have compiled a list below which contains Android USB Drivers for popular Android Device Manufacturers.


Download Android USB Drivers for Windows:

Google Nexus: Download Google Nexus Drivers or read details here.

Samsung: Download Samsung USB Drivers or Download Samsung KIES (drivers included – Windows/Mac).

HTC: Download HTC USB Drivers or Download HTC Sync Manager (drivers included – Windows/Mac).

Motorola: Download Motorola USB Drivers (Motorola Device Manager).

Huawei: Download Huawei USB Drivers or Download HiSuite (drivers included).

LG: Download LG USB Drivers.

  • For device specific drivers, go to LG website > Search for product > Resources > Download driver.

ASUS: Download ASUS USB Drivers or Download ASUS PC Suite (drivers included).

SONY: Sony offers USB drivers and tools for Windows and Mac.

ZTE: Download ZTE USB Driver.

DELL: Download DELL USB Drivers (device specific).

Fujitsu: Download Fujitsu USB Drivers.

Intel: Download Intel Android USB Drivers.

Download Android USB Drivers for Mac

For Mac, it is very easy to connect your Android device and start transferring content easily to it. All you need is the Android File Transfer app that would let you do all this.