How To Change App Permissions In Windows 10


The mobile operating systems such as iOS, popular apps request your permissions while doing any task which requires it. Like Skype asks for permission before accessing your camera.

However in Windows 10 most apps won’t ask for your permission in most cases. Some apps might ask for permission before accessing camera, microphone, location, contacts, calendar, call history and account information but there are many apps that access location, camera and contacts without your permission.

It is wise if you are using Windows 10 to check app review to see that no app is accessing your camera, microphone, contacts, location and other important things without your consent.


As with the case of mobile apps, you can view and change app permissions from a one place in Windows 10 as well. In this guide, we will see how to change app permissions in Windows 10.

This is only applicable to build-in apps from the store and traditional desktop apps won’t be affected by it.

Change location permission

Step 1: Settings > Privacy > Location.


Step 2: To change app permissions, scroll down the page and turn on or off location service for individual apps.

Change camera permission

Usually apps such as Skype, Camera, Twitter, and Maps try to access your PC’s web camera. To view and change camera permission for individual apps, navigate to Settings > Privacy > Camera and turn on or off permission for individual apps.


Change permission for Microphone

Apps that require access to your camera usually try to access the microphone as well. To view all apps that require access to your microphone, open Settings > Privacy > Microphone and then change permissions.


Change permissions for speech, account info, contacts, and calendar

Once again, you need to navigate to Settings > Privacy > Speech, inking, & typing, Account info, Contacts and Calendar to change permissions.


Many apps try to access your contacts so it’s a good idea to carefully select apps that you want to let access to your contacts. We advise you allow access to your contacts only for apps that are from reputed software developers.

Change permissions for email, call history, messaging, radios, and other devices

Visit Settings > Privacy > Email, Call history, Messaging, Radios and Other devices to see and change what apps can access above mentioned these things.