How to Change The Clock To 12 Hour Format In Windows 10


Windows is the biggest blessing of technology. Now more than 14 hours a day people spend their time on their computer systems or smartphones. Windows is the most user friendly, widely accepted and used operating system across the globe. Whatever windows offers, it resonates all around the globe and people really want it simple and convenient. Similarly, timings on windows have 24-hour default settings to show time. Some people like the traditional way of time display that is 12 hour format. No worries, you can set 12 hour time format through these steps.

In this guide, we will see how to change the 24-hour time format to 12 hour or vice versa in Windows 10.


How to Change The Clock To 12 Hour Format In Windows 10

Step 1: Click on the date and clock on the taskbar, and then click Date and time settings link to open Time and Language section in Settings app.


Step 2: Under Formats, click on the link labelled Change date and time formats.


Step 3: Finally, under Short time section, select hh:mm tt to see 12-hour time format instead of the default 24 hour.


Also, under Long time section, select hh:mm:ss tt.

NOTE: Instead of hh:mm tt you can also select h:mm tt. When you select h:mm tt instead of hh:mm tt, Windows displays 04:29 as 4:29 (removes the initial zero).

Similarly, for long time, you can select h:mm:ss tt instead of hh:mm:ss tt.