How to Create Subfolders in the Windows “Send To” Menu


If you are able to send files quickly and easily to their proper locations via the context menu, it can help streamline your work flow. But what if you are able to add custom subfolders to the mix this will propel the speed of your work even more.

The Question

SuperUser reader Liturgist wants to know how to create subfolders in the Windows Explorer context “send to” menu:

I have many “send to” destinations in my context menu and would like to create “send to” subfolders for them as well. When I try, it will only create a real folder in the “send to” menu. When I select an item from the listings in the “send to” part of the context menu, I want it to expand out into a list of “send to” subfolder destinations for that item. Is this possible?

How do you create subfolders in the Windows Explorer context “send to” menu?

The Answer

SuperUser contributor guest has the answer for us:

Save the following as *.reg and import it to the registry (adapted from Sully at Wilders Security):


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Addendum: Pseudo-Folder Menu

Save as C:\copy.js:

Import to the registry:


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