Disable Apple Software Update Alert In Windows 10


The Apple Software Update is a software which gets installed when you install either iTunes, QuickTime or iCloud on your Windows. Its job is to regularly check for updates for any of these software automatically and alert the user.

This software is very easy to use as you don’t have to manually check for updates and when the updates are available you can update the software with just a few clicks if you permit it. The Apple software will then download and update in the background.


It’s recommended to run a software with all its updates but still at times you might want to put an update on hold. But the way this software works it will regularly display an update alert on screen when it’s available.

Ignore or skip the currently available update

Step 1: When the update software dialogue appears, select an update you want to ignore.


Step 2: Once update is selected, click Tools menu and click Ignore Selected Updates.


Now the Apple Update Software will now show pop-up for the ignored updates.

Stop Apple Software Update tool from checking for updates

As mentioned earlier the Apple software Update checks for update automatically and displays them. With default settings the system checks for updates once a week, you can configure them to check for update once a month or never.

Step 1: Type Apple Software Update in start menu search box and then press Enter.


Step 2: Click Edit and then go to Properties to open Software update Preference dialogue.


Step 3: Now find the Schedule tab and select Never and then click OK. The software will now not show the update at all.


Permanently disable Apple Software Update

Step 1: Type Task Scheduler start menu and enter it.


Step 2: Expand task Scheduler Tree by double-clicking on the same.


Step 3: Click on Apple entry.

Step 4: Look for the AppleSOftwareUpdate entry, right-click on it and click delete.