How To Get Back The Classic Personalization Window In Windows 10


Many settings are not in their default location in Windows 10 which is because of the new Settings app. Microsoft has moved many settings from the classic Control Panel to the overhauled Settings app just to bring all settings under one roof.

Unlike previous Windows versions, when you right-click on desktop and click Personalize option, you will see the Settings app instead of the classic Personalization window. Microsoft has moved most of the settings from the classic Personalization window to the Personalization section of Settings app.

The Settings app still lacks a few things and is not complete yet which is why there is work being done to make it as effective as possible.

Personalization Panel for Windows 10

By installing Personalization Panel you can get back the classic Personalization window back.

This is a free software to add the missing Personalization window to Windows 10’s desktop context menu. The Personalization Panel for Windows 10 looks identical to the one in previous Windows versions, meaning it doesn’t look out of place. Like the original Personalization window, the Personalization Panel also includes links to screen saver settings, desktop icon settings, and color and appearance, mouse pointer settings, and display settings.

Bring back the classic Personalization window in Windows 10

Step 1: Visit the link below to download Personalization Panel zip file.

Step 2: Extract to get the exe file.


Step 3: Run the file.



Step 4: To integrate it into the desktop context menu, click Options in the left-pane, and then click Integrate with Desktop context menu option.