How to Reinstall The Mail App In Windows 10


Windows mail app was first introduced with windows 8. After its immense success it has been polished and updated to better suit the needs of the Mail App users. For Windows 10 Operating system, Mail App is one of the best email source. With enhanced features and performances, it promises durability and easy access to the users.

Mail App in Windows 10


Mail App is no doubt exceptional, but some users have been experiencing a variety of issues while using it. If you are one of these users and unable to figure a way out of this mess, then you have certainly come to the right place. Reinstalling the Mail App is your ultimate solution.

Reinstalling the Windows Mail App is pretty simple and straight-forward. You can either use PowerShell for this purpose or use a third-party utility software known as Windows 10 App remover. Once you have uninstalled the App, the latest version can be easily obtained from the Official Windows Store.

Reinstalling the Mail App

In this App I will walk you through the process of reinstalling the Mail App with and without the help of third-party utilities.

WARNING 1: Reinstalling the Mail App will result in the removal of all credentials in the App as well as the saved emails. You will then have to add your email account all over again. It is advisable to create a manual restore point before attempting to reinstall Mail App.

WARNING 2: Uninstalling the Mail App will also uninstall the Calendar App as both are paired together as Windows Communication Apps. Similarly, when you install the Mail App the Calendar App will automatically be installed.

Method 1- Reinstall the Mail App without using third-party utilities.

Method 2- Reinstall the Mail App with using third-party utilities.

How to Reinstall The Mail App In Windows 10:

Method 1

You can’t uninstall the Mail App via Control Panel or Settings. You will need to either use a third-party utility software or PowerShell for this purpose. For method 1 we are going to use PowerShell to uninstall Mail App. If you want to use a third-party utility then simply skip this part.

Step 1: Launch PowerShell as administrator. To do so, type PowerShell in Start Menu or taskbar Search Box. Right-click on PowerShell and then click “Run as administrator” option.


Click “Yes” when you User Account Control prompt appears.

Step 2: In the elevated PowerShell prompt, type the following command and press Enter.

Get-AppxPackage –AllUsers


This command will list all the Apps installed in your Windows 10 PC.

Step 3: Scroll down and look for an entity named “microsoft.windowscommunicationapps” (see picture below). Copy of the PackageFullName of the app as shown in the picture below. Note that after selecting the PackageFullName to copy the same.


Step 4: Execute the command to uninstall.

Remove-AppxPackage PackageFullName

In the above command, replace PackageFullName with the PackageFullName of the app that you copied in Step 3.


Hit Enter to execute the command. The App with take a couple of minutes to uninstall.


The Mail App will now be completely uninstalled. If you have an icon pinned to the taskbar, it will automatically disappear.

Step 5: Once the App has been uninstalled completely, reboot your system.

Step 6: Now, launch the Store App. It can be found in the Start menu or through Search Box. Once the Store App has launched. Type Mail and Calendar in the search bar and Click on “Mail and Calendar”



Step 7: Click Install button to install the Mail App and you are DONE!


Reinstall-Mail-app-in-Windows-10pic6 Reinstall-Mail-app-in-Windows-10pic7

Once the Mail App has successfully installed, add your accounts and it should work without any issues.

Method 2

Reinstalling Mail app using Windows 10 App Remover tool

Step 1: To Download Windows 10 App Remover Click Here.

Step 2: Run Windows 10 App remover and Click the button labelled Calendar and Mail and then click yes for the Confirmation prompt.

Step 3: Once the App has been removed, follow from step 5-7 of Method 1 mention earlier.

Best of Luck!