How to Remove Internet Explorer 11 from Windows 10


The latest version of Windows Operating System, Windows 10, now comes with two web browsers. One is the long lasting Internet Explorer and other the other is brand new Microsoft Edge. We are well aware of the limitations of Internet Explorer and the problems we have faced because of it. But Microsoft Edge is a whole new story, it is built from scratch and is not only a successor to Internet Explorer but also has super speed, enhanced features and improved interface.

Since Microsoft Edge is new and doesn’t have all the advance features like Google Chrome and also because some old websites are only compatible with Explorer, Microsoft decided not to drop Internet Explorer altogether so soon. It may be done in the future perhaps.


This being said, almost all of the website works great with Edge and the browser runs pretty smoothly without any major problems. And most of the time you don’t even need to open Internet Explorer. If you are one of the users who rarely open up Explorer then you might think about getting rid of it for good.

Lucky for us, removing or turning off Internet Explorer is pretty easy, courtesy of Windows Features. Using it, you can easily enable or disable many Windows 10 features including Internet Explorer.

You can easily disable Explorer if you don’t want it or use it anymore. Just follow the instructions below.

Note: This tutorial will only disable Internet Explorer which can later be enabled again in any future point. Internet Explorer will NOT be completely removed using this tutorial.

How to Remove Internet Explorer 11 from Windows 10

Step 1: Type Control Panel in the Start Menu or Taskbar to open it.


Step 2: Once Control Panel is launched look for Uninstall a program to open Programs and Features.


Step 3: On the left side of the panel you will notice and option “Turn Windows features on or off”. Click on it to open Windows features.


Step 4: Now look for Internet Explorer box and uncheck it. Press OK to complete.


Step 5: You will get a confirmation dialog saying “Turning off Internet Explorer 11 might affect other Windows features and programs installed on your computer, including default settings. Do you want to continue?” Click yes and restart the computer if needed.


To enable the same again, follow Step 1 to Step 3, and then check the box next to Internet Explorer before clicking OK button.