How to View Passwords Saved in Edge Browser in Windows 10


Just like all the browsers out there, Edge Browser by Windows also prompts you to save your web credentials. Whenever you sing-in to one of your accounts and type in the username and passwords, Edge will give you an option to save the username and password so that you don’t have to enter it over and over again.

If you are a regular user of Edge Browser then you may already have lots of credentials saved on your web. Edge will automatically fill in the username and password field for you when you open the site. But at times you want to view a specific password in order to change it or in case you forgot it. Don’t worry, this tutorial has got you covered.

Saved passwords in Edge browser

By now you might have figured out that there is no particular option in the browser to view saved passwords even though the browser comes with a basic password manager that is shipped along. You can surely edit, change or delete them easily but viewing is not available because of security issues.

Well, as they say “nothing is impossible”, you can now easily view the saved passwords without the help of any third-party utility software. Edge browsers has a built-in Credential Manager that can be used for this purpose. You can easily view saved passwords using Credential Manager and even delete them.

Note: You will have to enter the password of your Microsoft Account in order to view the saved passwords.

How to View Passwords Saved in Edge Browser in Windows 10

Here is how it works.

Step 1: Type “Credential Manager” in taskbar search box or in Start Menu and press Enter. You can also access it using Control Panel. Click “User Accounts” and the click “Credential Manager


Step 2: Once the Credential Manager opens up click on Web Credentials to view all saved URLs for Edge as well as Internet Explorer.


Step 3: Click on URL of which you want to view the saved password of. The Credential Manager doesn’t show saved passwords by default. Also not all passwords saved are of Edge Browser. Some of them may belong to Internet Explorer.


Step 4: To view the password, click Show link and then enter your account password when you’re asked to do so.


And that’s it!! You’re Done!