How to Know Where Does Voice Recorder App Save Files In Windows 10


There are many useful apps that are part of Windows 10 and one of them is Voice Recorder. As it is obvious from the name it is an app to record your voice on Windows 10 device.

You can use this app to record practically anything provided that your PC comes with a microphone and a proper device driver is installed. Voice Recorder allows you to record audio for close to three hours per recording file. It can also be used with other apps meaning you can use it to record music or audio being played by a web browser or media player on your PC.

You just need to perform one click to start or stop recording, share your recordings, auto-save and mark key moments in the recording are the highlights of this Voice Recorder in Windows 10. You can also play back, trim and rename recordings.

If you use this app quite often then you are likely to know the location of saved files but many users are not sure where the recorded files would be saved. If you are wondering about the location of the saved files then you can find your recordings under following locations.

Location of recordings done by Voice Recorder in Windows 10

If a Microsoft account is used to sign in to Window 10, Voice Recorder creates a new folder name Voice Recorder under Documents folder of OneDrive and saves all recordings there. That is, all recordings done with Voice Recorder can be accessed by navigating to

C:\Users\UserName\OneDrive\Documents\Sound recordings

In the above path, “C” is the drive where Windows 10 is installed and User Name is your user account name.


And if you use a local user account instead of Microsoft account, you can access all recordings by navigating to the following location:

C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Sound recordings

In the above path, replace “C” with Windows 10 drive letter and UserName with your local user account name.

You don’t need to manually navigate to Sound recordings folder. The Voice Recorder app itself offers a way to access Sound recording folder. When the app is open, click the three dots (located at the bottom right) and then click Open file location.


How do I change the default location of Voice Recorder files?

As of now, Voice Recorder doesn’t support changing the default location of recordings. Microsoft might add this feature in coming versions of the Voice Recorder but there is no option as such in the current version (10.1607.1891.0).