How to Open Advanced Startup Options On Unbootable Windows 10 PC


The advanced setup option allows you to restore you PC to a previous date, perform startup repair, restore your PC using a previously created system image, go back to previous build and open Command Prompt to perform various jobs.


If for some reason your PC is not bootable you will not be able to go to the advanced startup options. Most users think of advanced startup options when their PC is not functioning or not booting at all.

Open advanced startup and recovery options when PC is unbootable

When your Windows 10 PC becomes unbootable, Windows display recovery options when you turn on the PC. But if you’re not getting any recovery options on the screen, there is a way to access all startup as well as recovery options on your unbootable Windows 10 PC.

Following are the instructions to access advanced startup options on an unbootable PC.

Step 1: Since your PC is not bootable, you need a copy of Windows 10 bootable USB or bootable DVD. If you don’t have one, you can download Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft using Media Creation Tool on a different PC.

Step 2: Connect your Windows 10 bootable USB to your unbootable PC or insert the bootable DVD to your unbootable Windows 10 machine, make necessary changes to BIOS or UEFI to boot from USB/DVD, and then boot from the connected bootable media.

Once the bootable media is connected to PC and necessary changes are made to BIOS/UEFI, you just need to turn on or restart your PC to boot using the Windows 10 bootable media.

Step 3: The following is the first screen you see while booting from bootable USB or DVD. Select your language and keyboard or input method and then click Next button.


Step 4: At the install now screen click the link Repair your computer to see choose an option screen.


Step 5: Click on Troubleshoot tile.


Step 6: Click Advanced options to see advanced startup options.