How to Password Protect Files/Folders On SanDisk USB Drive [Free]


If you own a Sandisk USB you must have thought of securing your sensitive files and folders in the USB using a password. Now we will learn how to do just that by using the SanDisk SecureAccess software.

SanDisk SecureAccess is a software which allows you to protect files on your SanDisk USB drivers using a password. This is an free and easy to use software which allows you to created password encrypted vaults to save files.

Setup and use SanDisk SecureAccess on a Windows PC

NOTE: This is only for sandisk USB drivers and will not work on other USB drivers.

IMPORTANT: No one can view the files in the vault if they don’t have the password but anyone can easily delete the vault with ease so we recommend to have a backup somewhere else.

Step 1: Visit Sandisk page

and download the latest version of Sandisk SecureAccess software for windows. You can locate the download link and the download size will be about 8MBs.

NOTE: You might already have the software if you own a new SanDisk USB.

Step 2: Connect your USB to the computer open This PC/My Computer and then double click on SanDisk USB drive. Copy the SecureAccess setup to the root of the USB.


Step 3: Double-click on the setup and you will be directed to the welcome screen of the setup where you need to click next.


Step 4: Next you will see a license agreement, click accept and move forward.


Step 5: Now you will be asked to setup a password, try to enter a strong passpwrd which then you will have to re-enter. In case you may think you will forget then type in any kind of hint you want (optional).


Step 6: Now click ok and by now you have created a secured vault in your SanDisk USB. Drop in any files for complete protection and safety.



Using SanDisk SecureAccess in Windows

Step 1: Open your Sandisk USB flashdrive and double-click on the SanDiskSecureProgram to enter the flash drive.



Step 2: Enter the previously set password to see the home screen. If you see “4 ways to protect your screen” just click Next button to see the home screen.


Step 3: To password protect a file or a folder, click file menu and then click add file. Browse to the file on your USB, select it and then press Encrypt.


To the “Would you like to remove the original file completely from your computer” select yes if you want to delete the file from its original source.

Important: While exiting SecureAccess program after adding a file to the vault, please click the log off button and then close the program.