How To Uninstall & Remove Edge Browser From Windows 10


Internet Explorer is no longer the default web browser in Windows 10 it has been overtaken by a newly introduced Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is better than Internet Explorer in every department. Of the many things it can do, it can also it can import bookmarks from other browsers, and has plenty of other small but useful features to improve your web browsing experience.

If you’re a Chrome, Firefox, or Opera user and want to get rid of the Edge browser from Windows 10, you probably have tried uninstalling Edge from Windows 10. Unlike other apps, Edge app can’t be removed via the Settings app. The PowerShell method to uninstall default apps also doesn’t help you uninstall the Edge, as the browser is part of Windows 10.

A script to uninstall Edge

MSFN user Legolash20 has created and released a script to uninstall and remove Edge browser from Windows 10. Professionals at WinAero has further tweaked the script to make it better and easier to use. The script allows you remove Edge in a few seconds.

Uninstall and remove Edge from Windows 10 using a script

Step 1: Go to the link below and download the Uninstall Edge Zip file.

Step 2: Extract the zip file contents to get two file named Uninstall Edge.cmd and Install_wim_tweak. Right-click on Uninstall Edge and then click Run as administrator option. Click Yes if you see the User Account Control prompt.


Note that Windows SmartScreen might show the following warning when trying to run the script. Click More info and then click Run anyway button to continue running the script.


Step 3: Wait the script to complete its job. Once done, you will see “Microsoft Edge should be uninstalled. Please reboot Windows 10” message. Restart your Windows 10 PC.