How to Restrict Authors to Specific Category in WordPress


Having multiple writers working on your site calls for effective management. Sometimes one wrong click can cause quite a problem. If you have multiple authors for different categories then one thing that you can do is limit their access to only the related category. This will not only help avoid any mistake but will also make selection of category easy.

In this tutorial we will guide you on how to restrict authors to specific category. Just keep on reading.

How to Restrict Authors to Specific Category in WordPress

Step 1: Install and activate the Restrict Author Posting plugin from here.


Step 2: Once activated go to Users screen, and click on the edit link next to the user you want to restrict.

Step 3: Scroll down to the option labelled “Restrict Author Post to a category” on the author’s profile and then select the category for the user to post into.


Step 4: Once done click save.

Once you are done with the changes the author will get a notification that they are allowed to post only in that particular category when they edit or write a new post.


If you want to remove the restriction then simply select the user profile and under Restrict Author Post to a category section select “No Restrict”. This will remove the restriction.

We hope this was helpful! For any further query don’t hesitate to comment below.