For all the Sony users out there, CyanogenMod team has finally released an official 5.1.1-based stable update. This tutorial will provide you with a step by step guide on install this awesome update and enjoy new and enhanced features.

This new stable Lollipop custom ROM is reliable and smoother as compared to Nightly CM 12.1 builds. So you should try it on your tablet for a better Android 5.1.1 Lollipop + CyanogeMod combo experience. There are some things that you should consider before proceeding towards the tutorial, check them out below!


Things to remember before installing CM 12.1 stable Android 5.1.1 ROM:

  • This Tutorial is ONLY for Sony Xperia Tablet Z. Please DO NOT try this on any other device.
  • Your device should be rooted and have a custom recovery installed (both CWM and TWRP Recoveries will do. Updated to its latest edition).
  • Backup all your important data before proceeding for just in case something goes wrong. You can create Nandroid backup which will later help you reinstall everything that you may lose during the process.
  • For application backup you can use the Helium tool for Android.
  • Your phone must be at least 70% charge to prevent turning off in the middle and increasing the chances of bricking it.
  • Read each and every step thoroughly before you process with the tutorial. Do NOT proceed if you are not an advance users. You will solely be responsible if you end up bricking your device.

How to install CM 12.1 stable Android 5.1.1 ROM for Sony Xperia Tablet Z Wi Fi:

Step 1: Download the CM 12.1 SNAPSHOT zip from here and Gapps for Android 5.1.1 ROMs from here.

Step 2: Transfer these files to your tablet’s internal storage. Do not unzip them and disconnect your tablet from the PC once the transfer is complete.

Step 3: Power off your device and boot in Custom Recovery Mode.

Step 4: Create a Full backup for your ROM.

  • CWM: select ‘backup and restore’.
  • TWRP: select ‘wipe’ option.
  • Rename this backup file and confirm the process.

Step 5: Factory reset the device.

  • CWM: select ‘wipe data/ factory reset’.
  • TWRP: select ‘wipe’ option.
  • Confirm

Step 6: Start CM 12.1 Stable Android 5.1.1 ROM flashing process for Xperia Tablet Z Wi-Fi:

  • CWM: select ‘install zip from sdcard’, then ‘choose zip from sdcard’.
  • TWRP: select ‘install’.

Step 7: Find CM 12.1 zip and confirm its installation. After the installation has completed you can flash the Gapps zip in the same way.

Step 8: Reboot your Xperia Tablet Z in normal mode after all the new files are installed on your device.

Step 9: Use your Google account info in order to regain complete control over your device once again.

And we are all done!!!

Note: In case your device is stuck on Boot loop, turn off your device then turn it back on in Custom Recovery. Wipe Cache and Reboot it. It’ll turn on just fine now!

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