How to Set Up Samsung’s “Night Clock” on Galaxy Edge Devices


Samsung’s Edge Display may seem a bit useless and initially it kind of was but the longer the company uses it in the new devices the useful it got. Some of the things it can do are subtle, while others are much more prominent. One of the more subtle, yet useful, features on the Edge Display is something calls “Night Clock.”

What it basically does is turns one of the edges of your device’s display to a simple clock that will only show during a specific hours. So like it’s obvious from the name it is a bedside clock. It is the simplest thing ever, there are no bells and whistles here all it does is displays time.

Like with most other things, the first place you’ll need to go is the Settings . Pull down the notification panel and tap the cog icon.

From there, scroll down to “Display.” On some devices, you may need to jump into the “Edge screen” menu instead.

Scroll down until you see “Night Clock,” and open that.

Here, you can toggle Night Clock on, then set the active hours. You can also set the position on some devices. That’s all there is to it.

It is simple yet useful and once you get used to it it’s hard not having it by your side.

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