Those using Jellybean or newer version have a new cool feature available to them. The feature we are talking about is called and it is the new cool thing to share files.

Before we begin

This feature will only work on devices with at least Android 4.1 Jellybean and if they have a NFC chip installed and activated.

Also, while Android Beam is included in stock Android, your manufacturer or carrier may have removed, blocked or replaced it.

Android Beam

Android Beam is a simple tool to share files between devices. Sharing is app dependent, for the most part, but many apps are supported.

The tool is pretty simple, at least in description, when you touch the devices together, making a connection between the NFC chips, a connection is established on your behalf and the ensuing sharing happens over Bluetooth. Point is, you need only trigger the file transfer with devices touching, the transfer will continue as long as you stay within Bluetooth range of each other.


But before you begin you need to make sure that you are configured which is a pretty easy job.


Open your main system Settings.

In the Wireless & networks section, tap More.

If it is not turned on, tap the toggle button to turn on NFC.

Tap on Android Beam and turn it on, if not already.

That’s it, go ahead and back out of here and head to your app or file that you’d like to share.

How to use Android Beam


Take your two NFC enabled devices and touch them back to back to each other. You will likely have to try a few times until you line up the NFC antennas, they will be located in different places on most devices and must be very close together to take action.


When your NFC antenna align, you will get an audible and visual confirmation of connectivity.


Tap on the screen with the content to share and that’s it!

The phones will now handle the transfer and connections and depending upon the size of the file you will receive it in the other phone.

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