How to Add Standard Full Keyboard Layout To Touch Keyboard In Windows 10


 In addition to the commonly known on screen , also comes with a touch friendly keyboard called the touch keyboard. It is mostly helpful for users using 10 on tablets or PC’s with touch support. Users on traditional computers can also use the touch keyboard as on screen keyboard.

Enable standard full keyboard layout in touch keyboard

The touch keyboard offers two types of layouts with default settings, default keyboard or split or thumb keyboard. The normal and split keyboard doesn’t displays keys like Windows logo, Esc, Shift, Function and Alt keys.


The default keyboard offer 40 keys whereas the standard keyboard offers 65 keys.

If you feel the need to use the keys mentioned above you need to switch to standard keyboard on the touch keyboard. The standard full keyboard is turned off by default and needs to be turned on under Settings.


Enable and use standard full keyboard layout in touch keyboard

Step 1: Open Settings app.


Step 2: Click or tap on the icon named Devices.


Step 3: Now access Typing from the list, now change the toggle switch to on under the option saying Add the standard keyboard layout as a touch keyboard option.


This is how you enable and add standard keyboard to touch keyboard in Windows 10.

Step 4: Now launch the keyboard, click or tap the keyboard layout key and then select the full keyboard layout.


Tip: If you want to add the touch keyboard button to the taskbar for quickly access, simply right-click on the taskbar and then click Show touch keyboard button option.


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