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The All apps button comes handy many times specially when users have installed any new app and want to quickly access it. In previous versions it was knows as the “All programs” and now it has been renamed. It is at the left bottom of the start .


Why All apps button is now being shown in Windows 10 Start menu?

After the upgrade in which the build number was changed to 14328 and above in , the All app button is not visible anymore. This has been done to improve efficiency discoverability of finding apps.

In 14328 and above has merged the most used apps and all apps into one single list. To view the list you need to press the logo button on your or press start from the taskbar. The start menu now displays up to six recently used apps and then shows the all apps and programs.


If you have recently installed an app then the Recently added list appears below the Most used list. It shows up to three recently installed apps but you can expand it to view more.

Another plus to this feature is that now you don’t need to click all apps in order to view your applications, you can simply scroll down the list to view all your apps and programs.

The button is not part of the update anymore but all other features continue to work without any problem. As of now there is no way to get back the “All apps” button in the start menu of the build 14328 and above.


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