Those who use often know that the background color of Command Prompt is black and we are so used to seeing it black that if we see any other color well maybe we won’t feel comfortable.


But still if you are bored of the background color you can change it to any color of your choice.


And what’s good is that you need to use third-party tools to make that happen. comes up with the option to change it.

Change Command Prompt color

Step 1: Open Command Prompt by either typing it in the search bar of the start or address bar of the and then press enter.


Step 2: Once the Command Prompt is opened, right-click on it and then click on Properties.


Step 3: Click on the Colors tab.

Step 4: Now select Screen Background from the list and now you can select any color from the options given below or you can even create a color manually by entering different value and mixing them up.


The live preview of whatever color you have selected will appear below.


Now click on OK and the changes will be applied.

You might need to change the text color as well after changing the background color to easily read the text. To do that just select Screen Text from the list and then follow the same procedure.

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