There are number of ways to customize the taskbar in . You can learn much as 13 ways to change the default feel and look of your taskbar in 10. Windows 10 also has a setting to allow 100% transparency. The transparency option can be found under the settings app which although doesn’t allow 100% transparency, it’s still possible to make the Windows 10 taskbar 100% transparent using third-party tools. When transparency is enabled for the taskbar you could see the desktop wallpaper or background through the icons clearly.


Set your own picture as taskbar background in Windows 10

If you have used Windows 10 for some time and customized the taskbar then you have likely used a tool called Windows 7 taskbar Background Changer. As it is obvious from the name the app allows you to customize the taskbar according to your need like you can put your own picture or pattern as the taskbar background instead of the desktop background.


The good thing is that now in Windows 10 you can set your own background for the taskbar. What you need is a software called Classic Shell. The latest version will allow you to change task background and color as well.


You do not have to use the Classic Shell start and other features of the program in order to use its personalized settings. In short you do not have to use Classic Shell start menu in order to customize the taskbar using Classic Shell.

Use Classic Shell to set custom picture as taskbar background

Step 1: First and foremost you need to have the newest version of the Classic Shell.

Step 2: Launch the program from the start menu by typing Classic Shell and pressing enter.

NOTE: With default settings after the installation the Classic start menu will open up when you click on the start button or press the Windows button. To change this open classic shell settings, go to control and select Windows start menu for left-click and Windows logo key.

Step 3: After opening the settings icon, check the box named Show all settings to view all settings.

Step 4: Go to taskbar tab. Check the option labeled Customize taskbar.

Step 5: Click on the box next to taskbar texture, browse the image you want to see as taskbar background, select file and press open.


Step 6: Click OK to save the changes.



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