Everyone knows the basic way to use a touchpad which is you have to move your finger from the top of the touchpad to the bottom to scroll down a window or page. Likewise, scrolling in reverse direction will move up a page or window. Although this is the way it is commonly used however most users prefer it the other way around.

If you have recently installed or upgraded to and not happy with the default scrolling direction of the touchpad, you can easily change the touchpad scroll direction with a few clicks.

Changing touchpad scroll direction in Windows 10

Method 1 of 2

Step 1: Type Main.cpl in the start search box and press enter. This will open mouse properties.


Step 2: Click on the ThinkPad tab.


Step 3: Click on Settings.

Step 4: Now go to the Scroll tab.

Step 5: Look for the setting named Switch direction, Reverse direction or Reverse scrolling direction, and turn on or off the same to change the scroll direction.


If you’re running an older version of the touchpad, you might see the following screen instead of the one shown above. In that case, Expand MultiFinger Gestures tree, select two-finger scrolling, click the gear icon next to it, and then turn on or off Enable reverse scrolling direction setting.

change-touchpad-scroll-direction-in-Windows-10-step4.1_thumb change-touchpad-scroll-direction-in-Windows-10-step4.2_thumb

Method 2 of 2

Step 1: Open Settings.


Step 2: Click Devices.


Step 3: Click Mouse & touchpad. Scroll down, under Related settings, you will find Additional mouse optionslink. Click on the link to open Mouse Properties.


Step 4: Now follow the follow the steps 2, 3, 4 and 5 of Method 1 to change touchpad scroll direction in 10.


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