It is quite interesting if you want to know the edition and version of a product key belongs to, so that on can download and install the right version and edition of Windows being used.

There are many product keys but you are not sure the version and edition they belong to. Although it’s possible to try them on virtual or physical machines, the approach doesn’t make sense when you have a bunch of keys, and especially, if you are not sure if they belong to Windows 7, Windows 8 or .


If you know that a particular key is for Windows 10, then you can determine the edition of Windows 10 the key belongs to by entering it on a PC running Windows 10 as there are only two editions: Home and Pro. Once the job is done, you can uninstall and deactivate the key if you wish to do so.

Determine the version and edition of a product key

There are few ways to determine the version and edition of Windows a product key belongs to. Following are the methods to find it out.


ShowKeyPlus is a free software designed to retrieve product key from registry, BIOS/UEFI, and Windows.old folder. In addition to that, the tool can be used check the version and edition of Windows a product key belongs to.

Here is how to use the ShowKeyPlus software:

Step 1: Download ShowKeyPLus from the link below, extract the files and then run ShowKeyPlus.exe with admin rights.

Step 2: Click on the option labelled Check Product key.


Step 3: Enter the product key you want to find the version and edition of.


Ultimate PID Checker

Ultimate PID Checker is another tool with the same purpose. However it requires you to select the version of Windows to know the edition.

Step 1: Download the file from the link below, extract the RAR file and then run the executable.

Step 2: Select the version of Windows you think the key belongs to, enter the product key and then press enter.


If you don’t see the edition it might be that the key belongs to another version of Windows.

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