The Thershold 2 is the first major update of the operating system by . The update is still rolling out and many of the users still haven’t received it as they don’t prefer upgrading.

The update is accompanied by many cool features to the operating system along with several bug fix.

With the latest update installed, users can now get colored title bars without editing system files, display up to four tile per group on the Start, move installed apps to another drive, and track your device using Find My Device feature. The Windows Spotlight feature, which was previously available only on the Home edition, is now present in Pro edition as well.

How to check the build and version number?

If you are not sure that whether the November update/Threshold 2 update has been installed on your or not you can check it by following the steps given below.

The update is in GB’s so you’ll be able to tell straight away that if he update has been installed or not without even going through the instructions.

Method 1

Step 1: In the start or taskbar search box type winver.exe and then press enter. This will open the About Windows dialog.

Step 2: Check the version number as well as the OS build number. If the version number is 1511 and OS build number is 10586, then the November update or Threshold 2 is installed.


If the update is not installed you need to check that you haven’t turned off automatic Windows update off.

Method 2

Step 1: Open settings by clicking its icon in the start menu or Windows + I keys.

Step 2: Click System.

Step 3: Now click About by scrolling down.


Step 4: Here, check the version and OS build numbers. Version number 1511 and OS build number 10586 indicate the existence of Windows 10 with November Update.



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