Windows Explorer or as we are familiar with the term keeps track of all the recently opened files and folders. Recently Quick Access have been introduced which is part of File Explorer, displays recently opened files and frequently opened folders.

The jump list of File Explorer’s button in the taskbar displays frequently accessed folders so that you can access frequently opened folders without having to navigate to their original location. The File Explorer also saves searches made using File Explorer as well as your address bar entries.


If you are really serious about your PC’s privacy and don’t want other users to know the file and folder you last visited you might want to clear File Explorer history.

There are also tools like for 10 who performs the same functionality but you can do the same thing without any tool as well as the option is available in Windows 10.

When you clear File Explorer’s history, it clears File Explorer’s jump list history (both taskbar and Start menu), File Explorer address bar history, Quick Access history, and Run command box history. However, it doesn’t clear the search box history.

Delete File Explorer history in Windows 10

Step 1: Launch File Explorer by clicking its icon on the taskbar or accessing it by clicking its heading on the left side of the start .


Step 2: Click on file menu and then click on Change folder and search options.


Step 3: Now go under the General tab, there will be section called Privacy, enter it and there will be a button labelled Clear. This will clear the File Explorer history as well as Quick Access history.

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