How to Close/Minimize Sticky Notes Without Deleting In Windows 10


Sticky notes were first introduced in Vista and although there has been tons alternatives to the build-in Sticky Notes in Windows operating system, this is still the perfect feature for most users.

Now with the introduction of Anniversary Update, has replaced the classic desktop version of Sticky Notes with a modern more advanced version of Sticky Notes. It still looks more or less like the Classic Sticky Notes. The most prominent change being the default size of note and delete icon. It can also be used according to Microsoft to set reminders when used to Cortana.

The usage is fairly easy as you just have to launch Sticky Notes and begin typing the note. You can even change the background color of Sticky Notes by clicking the three dots next to the delete note icon.

Many users are interested in knowing that is it possible to minimize Sticky Notes to Windows 10 taskbar for their convenience.

To close Sticky Notes in Windows 10

If you have multiple Sticky Notes on your Windows 10 desktop and want to close all Sticky Notes without deleting them, here is do that.

Step 1: Select one of the Sticky Notes on your desktop.


Step 2: Simultaneously press Alt + F4 keys to close all Sticky Notes without actually deleting them.

NOTE: It’s not possible to close a single sticky note. When you close Sticky Notes using the above mentioned method, all notes will be closed. However, you can delete individual notes by clicking the delete icon.

To view Sticky Notes again, type Sticky Notes in Start or taskbar search and then press Enter key.

To minimize Sticky Notes In Windows 10

To minimize all Sticky Notes to taskbar, follow given below directions:

Step 1: When Sticky Notes is running, simply click on its taskbar icon to minimize it.


To maximize all Sticky Notes again, click once again on its taskbar icon. As simple as that.

Tip: There are a number of alternatives to built-in Sticky Notes app. Some of the third-party Sticky Notes app allow you pin Sticky Notes to Start menu as well. Do check them out in Windows Store.



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