Windows comes with tons of apps by default present in the system which we use quite often. Some of the frequently used apps can be like Mail, Calendar, Edge, Photos, Skype, Music, Calculator, and others. With just two or three clicks one can access these apps as they are pinned to the start .

If you are using for long enough you know that how important these apps are and how regularly you use them. Although it’s easy to launch these apps but you might want to launch them using shortcuts.

Like classic desktop programs, default apps as well as apps installed from the Store can also be configured to run using keyboard shortcuts. All you need to do is create a shortcut for this app on desktop and then assign a keyboard shortcut to it.


Start apps using keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10

Step 1: First thing you need to do is make a shortcut for the app you want to create a shortcut for. Simply drag and drop from the start menu and your shortcut will be displayed on your desktop.


Here we are going to create a shortcut for the Mail app.

Step 2: Now go to the desktop and right-click on the shortcut you just created and click on Properties.


Step 3: Click on the Shortcut tab and now go to field next to Shortcut key.


Step 4: Now press the key you want to be using to launch the app. Windows will automatically assign Ctrl + Alt keys to the keyboard shortcut. Like if you want M key to launch the app, the shortcut will be Ctrl + Alt + M.


Now just click Apply and Ok and your shortcut should be working now.

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