Windows 10 users can log in and use the operating system by using a traditional user account or . Some features are only available to the users who log in using a account like Sync but almost all other features are at the disposal of those who use the user account.

Windows 10 can be easily used without using a Microsoft account however tries its best to encourage its user to create and use a Microsoft account for better experience.  However creating a local user account is not a hard job. If you don’t want to use a Microsoft account you can easily make a local user account.

If you don’t want to use a Microsoft account to sign into you can create a local user account and use that account to sign in and use Windows 10.

Create a new local user account in Windows 10

Step 1: Go to settings on the left side of the start menu or press Windows logo + R key.


Step 2: Go to Accounts.


Step 3: Go to Family and other users.

Step 4: Now click on add someone else to this PC option.


Step 5: Now you will see a “How will this person sign in?” screen, click on “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information”.


Step 6: Now to create a local user account, on bottom of the dialogue there will be a click “Add a user without a Microsoft account”.


Step 7: Here enter a username, enter a password, re-enter the password and add a hint for you to remember your password later on. If you want to leave your account unprotected then leave the password space black.


Now click the next button and your account has now been made.

Step 8: Now in order to sign in to the new account, right-click on the start button, click shut down or sign out option to go to the .

Now log-in using your new username and password and start using your new account.


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