Mobile hotspot, virtual hotspot or Wi-Fi hotspot feature allows you to share your PC’s internet with other devices which can be up to 8 in number. This has been part of since the first preview build of Windows 10.

Mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi hotspot in Windows 10

Although this feature has been present in Windows 10 from the very first day however turning it on was not an easy job as it required executing commands in the which basically means there was no option either in Settings or in Control Panel.


Now with the Windows 10 Anniversary builds, has introduced an easy and simple way to setup mobile hotspot. You can now setup mobile hotspot under Settings. The mobile hotspot feature currently supports up to 8 devices. Users who use an Ethernet connection to connect to the web can also setup mobile hotspot without any issues.

Thankfully, setting up a mobile hotspot is very easy in Windows 10 Anniversary Update builds. Complete the given below directions to turn on mobile hotspot or virtual hotspot in Windows 10 without the help of third-party utilities.

Create mobile hotspot in Windows 10

* This feature is supported by 14379 or later builds only. Type Winver.exe in the start menu and then press enter to find out the build of the Windows you are using.

Step 1: Open Settings.


Step 2: Click on Network and Internet.


Step 3: Now click on Mobile Hotspot.


Step 4: Now just turn on option labelled Share my Internet connection with other devices.


Windows will automatically assign a network name and a strong password for your mobile hotspot which can be changed by pressing Edit.

Step 5: To connect a device to your Windows 10 mobile hotspot, select your Windows 10 mobile network’s name on the device that you want to connect and then enter the password being shown on Mobile hotspot page of Settings on your Windows 10 PC.

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