It often suggested to have a strong password on the account for maximum security but strong password means they are hard to remember. If you are using a weak password on your local user account just so you won’t forget it, use forgotten password wizard in Windows 10 to create on your USB drive which you can use to sign-in whenever you forget your password.

The thing about password reset disk is you don’t need to create new disk every time you reset your password as long as you are using the same account.

Creating a password reset disk on USB drive is fairly easy on Windows 10. You just have to launch the forgotten password wizard and follow on-screen instructions to prepare the password reset disk.

Important things about password reset disk

* Password reset disk can’t be created and used for accounts. If you want to reset the forgotten password that you use to sign-in to Windows 10, please refer to our change or reset Microsoft account password guide.

* The password reset disk that you create for your current password can be used to reset the password once you update or change the password, meaning you don’t need to create a fresh password reset disk every time you change your password for your account.

* The password reset disk that you create for a specific account can’t be used to reset the password for another account. So if you have multiple accounts, be sure to create separate password reset disks.

Creating password reset disk on USB drive in Windows 10

Step 1: Plug in USB flash drive. Although Windows will not format the drive while preparing the password reset disk, it’s a good idea to backup important data.

Step 2: Type Create password reset disk in Start menu or taskbar search box and then press Enter key to open Password reset disk wizard.


Also you can open Control Panel, click on User Accounts. On the left click on the link labelled Create a password reset disk.


Step 3: Once launched, click next button.


Step 4: Now select the USB you want to use.


Step 5: Now type in the correct password and then click Next button.


Clicking Next will begin the process and once competed you will see “Completing the forgotten password wizard” on your screen. Now click Finish to close.

Create-password-reset-disk-on-USB-In-Windows-10-step8_thumb Create-password-reset-disk-on-USB-In-Windows-10-step9_thumb

It’s important to keep your password reset disk in a safe location as anyone who has access to your password reset disk can easily gain access to your account as well as PC with a few clicks.


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