A is a copy of the drives required for the smooth functionality of operating system. It can be restored if your PC’s HDD or SSD ever fails and the good thing is all this can be done without booting into Windows.

The build-in system image is good enough compared to many other tools available for this task.


The system image contains all your important data on desktop, documents, pictures, downloads and other areas of the system drive. If there are unnecessary files and applications, please delete or uninstall them to reduce the space required to save the system image.

Preparing system image

Step 1: Type backup and restore in the start menu and then press enter. Also you can open control panel and click on Backup and restore as well


Step 2: On the left hand side look for the Create a system image and click it to launch the System image wizard.


Step 3: Here you have to choose the to save the system image. We recommend to use an external drive as it will provide easy access.


Please avoid saving the system image on the same drive where you have installed as HDD or SDD crash will make your system image inaccessible.

Select a place to save the system image, and then click Next button.

Step 4: All the tools are selected that are required for Windows 10 to run by default. You can also add new drives containing important data of your choice.


Step 5: Now click Start backup button and the process will begin. It will take time depending upon the size of your data.


Once the image is created, you will see “The backup completed successfully” message. Along with that, Windows might also display “Do you want to create a system repair disc” message. Click No button to close it.


Make sure to keep the external drive safe in which you have created the backup and if you have created it in the internal HDD or SSD, make sure you never accidently delete it.

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