Windows 10 comes with a reset option so users can reset / reinstall the operating system without any difficulty.  The Reset PC option can be used to reinstall either by removing all files and programs or keeping existing personal files such as your documents, pictures and videos.

The Reset PC feature can be accessed by opening Settings, clicking & security, and Recovery option.

Refresh Windows program to reset or reinstall Windows 10

Microsoft has recently released a new standalone tool called refresh to help PC users quickly reinstall and reset Windows 10 with ease. Although the Refresh Windows is currently available to Windows 10 Anniversary preview builds (14342 or later), all users can use this tool to reinstall Windows 10 after updating to Windows 10 Anniversary stable build which is expected to be released in the month of July or August.

Refresh Windows tool features

If you have already used a build in PC feature you might be wondering how different the new Refresh feature is from the build in Reset feature. Basically both tools are same.

The main difference is that the built-in Reset PC tool doesn’t need Windows 10 installation media in most cases and the newly released Refresh Windows tool downloads a fresh copy of Windows 10 from servers and uses the new copy while reinstalling/resetting. This means that, when you reset/reinstall Windows 10 using the new Refresh Windows software, you get the newest version of Windows 10 and you don’t need to download and install huge updates after the reinstall/reset process.


The refresher tool is also useful when the build in PC tool is not working or giving error during the reset or reinstall process.

When Refresh tool is used to reset / reinstall Windows 10, it will automatically remove all installed apps and programs from the store. Like the built-in Reset PC tool, Refresh Windows utility also allows you reinstall Windows 10 either by keeping personal files or removing everything.

The program also removes pre-installed OEM programs, support applications as well as device drivers.


Resetting or reinstalling Windows 10 using this official Refresh Windows program is fairly easy. After downloading and running the program, you need to accept the license agreement, select between Keep personal files and Nothing. Finally, click Install button to begin resetting/reinstalling Windows 10.

Once you click the Install button, the tool will automatically download most recent version of Windows 10 and will use the same to reinstall/reset your Windows 10 installation.

Following is the link to download refresh Windows Program.



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