The tablet mode in allows you to quickly make the user interface touch friendly and intuitive to use on devices that support touch input. When the tablet mode is turned on, the start and apps open in full screen and and taskbar buttons are placed so they can be easily accessed. Check boxes also appear right next to files and folders so they can easily be selected.

But desktop is unavailable but following is the procedure to access the files and folders of 10 in tablet mode.

Auto-hide the taskbar while on tablet mode in Windows 10

This feature was not available before when in tablet mode. If the task auto-hide feature was enabled in desktop mode it would be disabled when switched to tablet mode. You can now easily turn on the auto-hide feature in Windows 10 build 14328 or above.

Enable taskbar auto-hide in tablet mode in Windows 10

This feature was added first in Windows 10 build 14328 and above so make sure you are running the Windows 10 build 14328 or above.

Step 1: While in tablet mode touch and hold (right-click) empty area of taskbar and check the option labeled Automatically hide the taskbar to enable auto-hide feature.


However this settings will not apply in desktop mode, if you want to auto-hide the taskbar you need to right-click on the on the taskbar, click settings and then turn on the option labelled Automatically hide the taskbar.



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