Groove Music is a brand new music player app introduced for . It is the default music player from in 10 but you can change it to Windows Media Player if you want to.

Major advantage of Music app is that you will access to over 40 million songs with Groove Music Pass. Although the pass is not free, if you subscribe to Groove Music Pass, you can stream and download music on to your PC.

Like other media players out there, Groove Music allows you create and import playlists from iTunes.

What file formats are supported by Groove Music in Windows 10?

If you have subscribed to groove Music pass you don’t have to worry about the format you are paying but if you want to use it offline then you might want to know which formats are supported by Groove Music.

The current version of Groove Music, which is 3.6.2205, supports a total of 10 file formats. In short, you can play a total 10 file formats with the Groove Music app. Obviously, it supports most of the popular audio file formats out there.

Groove Music app supports the following file formats:

# .flac

# .amr

# .ac3

# .mp3

# .3g2

# .aac

# .wma

# .3gp

# .m4a

# .wav




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