How to fix Bluetooth Icon Missing From System Tray In Windows 10


Usually the Bluetooth icon, when turned on is at the bottom right of the taskbar which allows you to quickly access the Bluetooth functions such as sending/receiving files, pairing devices and join a personal area network.


But many users have complained about the missing Bluetooth icon from the system tray. If you are experiencing the same problem follow the following procedures.

Restore missing Bluetooth icon in Windows 10

Turn on Bluetooth

The Bluetooth icon is only shown when the Bluetooth is turned on and active. No icon will be displayed if the Bluetooth is switched off. Quick way to see if its turned or not is as follow.

Step 1: Open settings by left-clicking on the start or by pressing logo + I


Step 2: Click devices icon.


Step 3: Click Bluetooth.

Step 4: Manage Bluetooth devices heading will opened and a switch will pe present from where you can determine if Bluetooth is on or not.


Turn it on as you want to restore the icon to the service tray.

Add Bluetooth icon to system tray/notification area

Even if turning on the Bluetooth hasn’t made any difference it is because the system tray icon under the Bluetooth setting has been disabled. Following are the instructions to enable it.

Step 1: Settings app > Devices

Step 2: Click Bluetooth to view Bluetooth settings and make sure that Bluetooth is turned on. Now click more Bluetooth settings.


Step 3: Under the options tab check the show the Bluetooth icon in the notification area option, then click apply button and press ok.


The icon should now appear in the system tray in Windows 10.



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