Everyone most likely knows view Bluetooth settings in your PC, you simply go to Settings app > Devices > Bluetooth section and view all the paired devices, alter the settings and even turn off the Bluetooth completely.

Bluetooth and Bluetooth settings are missing from Settings app.

Sometimes you must have noticed that your PC doesn’t show the Bluetooth section at all in the settings. This usually happens when your PC doesn’t come with Bluetooth.


But if you indeed do have Bluetooth in your PC and it’s not showing in the settings it’s because that it has been disabled in the Device Manager. If its disabled from the Device Manager it simply won’t show in the settings as PC will think that there is no point.

Enable or disable Bluetooth in Windows 10 Device Manager

Even if your PC has hardware and software which are perfectly compatible that doesn’t mean Bluetooth is enabled. Here is a guide on how to enable Bluetooth.

Step 1: Open device manager by right-clicking on the start and clicking device manager.


Step 2: Click on the Bluetooth’s hardware name and it will expand the Bluetooth tree.


Step 3: Right-click on the Bluetooth’s name a menu will appear, from there click enable and Bluetooth should be up and running without any delay.


Step 4: Close and open the Settings app and the Bluetooth settings should appear under Devices.



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