Desktop slideshow is a really nice feature which lets you automatically change desktop pictures at given intervals of time.

This feature can configured by navigating to Settings app > .

At times won’t change the pictures automatically even if the feature is enabled.

Following are the methods to try fix these problems.

Five ways to fix not working desktop background slideshow in Windows 10

Method 1 of 6

Check if Desktop slideshow is turned on

Step 1: Right-click on the desktop and then click Personalize and then click background.

Step 2: In the Background heading make sure that Slideshow option is selected.


If the problem persists try the other methods below.

Method 2 of 6

Allow slideshow when on battery

By default the feature won’t work when it’s working on battery power, to save time. But you can change this setting by following the method given below.

Step 1: Right-click on desktop, click Personalize and then background.

Step 2: Now turn on the option Allow slideshow when on battery feature to allow 10 even if it’s running on battery.


There is another way to allow slideshow when on battery

Step 1: Type Edit power plan in taskbar search bar and then press enter.

Step 2: Now click on Change advanced power settings.

Step 3: Expand the Desktop Background Settings tree and the expand Slideshow and then select Available for on battery. Click Apply and OK.


Method 3 of 6

Check the number of wallpapers in the selected folder

When selecting the slideshow feature Windows will ask for a folder in which the wallpapers are stored. Make sure that folder has at least two wallpapers as Windows won’t be able to change the pictures automatically if there is only one picture in folders.

Method 4 of 6

Install a different desktop themepack

If the slideshow feature is not working on the themepack you are using, try reinstalling another one and then try to enable the feature.

Method 5 of 6

Uninstall recently installed desktop customization software

There might be a change that a third-party software desktop background customization software is active and not allowing Windows to change the wallpaper. If you have recently installed a feature like that or any other software is installed in your desktop simply uninstall it and then try it.

Method 6 of 6

Restore Windows 10 to an earlier date

If the slideshow feature has just recently stopped working, try restoring Windows 10 to a previous date. Select a restore when the slideshow feature was last working.







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