If your PC is equipped with a fingerprint it can be used to sign into Window 10 as well as authenticating purchases from the store.

Readers have asked for a solution to greyed out fingerprint setup button in Settings > Accounts > Sign in options section. If you’re also looking to setup fingerprint on your PC but the setup button is greyed out, please read on to know the solution.


Solutions to greyed out fingerprint setup in Windows 10

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Setup PIN first

Most users aren’t aware that you need to setup PIN first in order to use the . Like you must already be using for signing into 10. Your PC must be connected to internet while you are setting up PIN.


Also, when you haven’t setup PIN, you’ll see “You must setup a PIN before you can enroll in Windows Hello” message just above Fingerprint setup button.



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Check the fingerprint scanner driver is installed

If your PC has a fingerprint reader installed and the correct driver to make it work is also installed then it should be displayed Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options. In other words the fingerprint option won’t be displayed if the correct driver is not installed.

If your PC has fingerprint scanner but it’s not appearing in Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options, it’s a good idea to visit your PC’s manufacturer’s website to download the latest version of the driver for your fingerprint scanner.

So even if the fingerprint option is not visible with the correct drivers installed, use the following instructions to your fingerprint scanner driver.

Step 1: Right-click on the Start button on the taskbar to open power user menu and then click Device Manager.

Step 2: Now you will see Biometric devices entry in the Device Manager.

Step 3: Expand Biometric devices entry, right-click on your finger print scanner and then click Update Driver Software message.


Step 4: Click the first option labeled Search automatically for updated driver software to let Windows 10 automatically search for the newest version of the driver and automatically install the same, if available.

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Check BIOS/UEFI to turn or off fingerprint scanner

On most PCs, the fingerprint scanner can be turned on or off in BIOS or UEFI settings. So, above solutions didn’t help you, do open BIOS/UEUEFI and then open security section to see an option to turn on or off fingerprint scanner.



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