How to fix Firefox/Chrome Draining Your Battery Faster issue On Windows 10 PC


Windows have recently released the new Anniversary Update for and many users have installed it. This update brings tons of improvements and tens of feature to the operating system.

Many have reported that they are now seeing “Chrome is draining your battery faster. Switch to for up to 36% more browsing time” notification while using Chrome browser. Similarly, “Firefox is draining your battery faster” notification appears while using Mozilla Firefox browser instead of the default Edge browser in Windows 10.

If you seeing this message it simply means that you are not using a power efficient web browser.

According to , its Edge browser is more energy efficient than , Mozilla Firefox or Opera on Windows 10. By using Edge browser you can get up to 36%-53% more . The Edge browser delivers better battery life both in controlled lab environment tests as well as real world tests. This is the reason why Windows 10 is displaying the battery notification while using third-party web browsers.


The edge browser has been designed to deliver more battery life according to Microsoft. Microsoft has also significantly improved Edge browser with new features in Anniversary Update. It now supports extensions as well.


It also improves battery life by using fewer CPC cycles, consuming less RAM and minimizing the impact of background activities. So if you would like to dramatic improvements in your Windows 10 device’s battery life, upgrade your Windows 10 device to Anniversary Update first and then start using Edge as your primary browser.

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